Rudi Garcia Record 10 winning streak AS Roma

Roma: Coach Rudi Garcia praised Marco Borriello 10-game winning streak and AS Roma in the Italian Serie A league. AS Roma coach but derived from the French declare no time for his squad to feast on that achievement. AS Roma win over 1-0 Chievo at the Olimpico Stadium overnight, make AS Roma became the first team to score 10 consecutive wins.

Rudi Garcia Record 10 winning streak AS Roma

First of all I want to say Chievo do not deserve to be in the bottom of the standings, "said Garcia." They played well and stick together as a team. I said on Friday it could be our most difficult game and I was not wrong. "We picked up points at home and it is important to make a 10 game winning streak, as we saw yesterday Juventus and Napoli win, while Inter and Fiorentina are not," Garcia added.

Borriello, who scored the winner will actually leave the Olimpico Roma on the transfer market last summer, but Garcia insisted Borriello should be retained. Borriello has scored in his blood. I will never forget how hard it is to play as a lone striker because he depends on the ball to him, "said Garcia.

"Without Francesco Totti and Gervinho we lack something. We know Totti is unique and makes everyone play better, but I have a smart squad that knows how to adapt.

Garcia ensure there will not be a party late into the night. He ordered the entire squad to have dinner at the Olympic Stadium after the game. "We had dinner here this evening to prepare for the next game in the best way possible. Did I keep an eye on their diet? Of course! Firmly Garcia.

"This is a fantastic winning streak for us, but we did not have time to enjoy it too much. We had one day less to face Torino on Sunday. So every minute is very important to recover and prepare." Excitement we shared with our fans, it is the most important thing, "said Garcia
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Robert Lewandowski Contested Many Clubs

Barcelona are eyeing Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski from No. 9 to find required by Tata Martino , but it could be an attempt to get the Polish striker is not easy . Real Madrid and several Premier League clubs join hunt Lewandowski.

Robert Lewandowski Contested Many Clubs

Robert Lewandowski itself , would end the contract with Dortmund on June 30, 2014. That is, if there is no transfer agreement with any club through the winter , Borussia Dortmund will lose the main attacker free .

Reported by Mundo Deportivo , Michael Zorc , Dortmund 's technical director , did not want that. Lewandowski get the price of 4 million euros from Lech Poznan , of hope , which is multiplied to obtain the value of the transfer , but the hunt for the Barcelona striker will not be easy . Manchester United and Chelsea reportedly interested . Manchester United need Wayne Rooney coatings , while Jose Mourinho had previously been negotiating with Lewandowski while still at Real Madrid .

Arsenal are not getting the attacker in the summer transfer market could also enliven the atmosphere . Do not forget also Real Madrid . They at least had a special relationship with Dortmund relating to the fate of Nuri Sahin . At least with this step , Madrid can more easily get Lewandowski , Dortmund or another star , Iklay Gundogan .

Currently , Barcelona 's technical director , Andoni Zubizarreta continue to observe the latest development status of the attacker . Although denied any contact , it is not impossible that Lewandowski decide his future , whether to continue talks with Bayern Munich or want to move to another club , Barcelona will immediately act .

Tata Martino coach himself , pure striker missed . He mentions several times his desire to recruit a striker , he pointed out the figure of Henrik Larsson . In a recent press conference , Martino said , Lionel Messi could play in any position , including in one of the wings , or playing " attacker is now behind us did not have.
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Cristiano quipped FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Cristiano quipped FIFA president Sepp Blatter
Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo answered greeting Sepp Blatter , the FIFA president sensational manner . Celebrate CR7 's first goal against Sevilla of hattrick saluted like manner commander , who quipped Blatter by a landslide . Previously , Sepp Blatter described Lionel Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo competitors in the Ballon d' Or as a good kid . As for CR7 describes as commander in the field . Additionally , lover Irina Shayk also called Blatter was too busy taking care of her hair .

( Blatter did not mention Ronaldo directly ) She's like a commander on the gridiron . This is the other side of the football , and is a good thing having an leader in the field . " They do not have the same attitude , and this is what makes football more alive . Which one ( Ronaldo ) is more costly for hairdressers than others , but no matter . "

Once the statement is rolled video in the media , and get a loud response from Real Madrid , Sepp Blatter to act quickly . He sent a letter to the club's official FIFA world's best by saying , " Cristiano Ronaldo is extraordinary " .

Even specifically Blatter apologized to CR7 through his twitter account , he affirmed sentences uttered not intend to attack or hurt Ronaldo , CR7 has yet isolated settlement . Not only pray that Sepp Blatter longevity so they can see the players and favorite club success ( refer to Lionel Messi and Barcelona ) , Ronaldo also created a special goal celebration .

After a penalty to the goalkeeper Beto , Sevilla goalkeeper to score his first goal , CR7 looks like a military salute to his colleagues . Here , the force commander claimed by Blatter attached to the figure of Ronaldo .
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Diego Costa Reason Chose Spain National Team

Madrid : Diego Costa has decided to opt representing the Spanish national team than Brazil . The decision was made Atletico Madrid after signing an affidavit before a notary public appointed Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF ) .

" It was a difficult decision for all involved , to decide between the country of his birth and the country that has given everything , namely Spain , " Costa said in an interview with the official website Atleti as reported by Football Italia on Wednesday ( 10/30/2013 ) .

" I have considered and the right thing is to play for Spain because here is where I have achieved everything . "

" Everything I have in my life has been given to me by the state , which has a very special affection for me . Here I feel appreciated for what I do every day and feel the love of the people , " said Diego Costa .

" I want people to understand that there are moments I rejected Brazil . Was not how I see it . I just feel appreciated here , where I have made my career . I owe to this country . " This decision has been thought , but there is no rejection . I have family in Brazil , where I was born and where I will live when I stop playing football . Hopefully people will understand and respect that , "said Diego Costa .

Diego Costa is now the top scorer in La Liga on strengthening the chances of the Spanish national team . " Not everyone can defend this costume . This is an honor , something huge in the life of a footballer . From when ( Spain national team coach Vicente ) Del Bosque to call me and I can play five , 10 or 15 minutes , I will give everything because that's me , " he said .

" In my life , I have always worked to give everything in each team and the Spanish national team, I will give it all because they are a team from a country that has given me everything . I hope to contribute somehow . "
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Real Madrid vs Sevilla 7-3 La Liga Results

Real Madrid vs Sevilla Festival Goal at the Santiago Bernabeu 

Real Madrid vs Sevilla 7-3 La Liga Results

The match between Real Madrid vs Sevilla ended with Score 7 - 3 . Gareth Bale ( 2 goals ) , Karim Benzema ( 2 goals ) and Cristiano Ronaldo ( hat trick ) , two deadly players worth 187 million euros , the main actors of Real Madrid . Both dominate the stage in the festival goals at the Santiago Bernabeu . This makes the results of the Spanish League Carlo Ancelotti keeping troops six points from Barcelona .

Down with a 4-2-3-1 formation , host immediate threat in four minutes . With the agile movement , Isco put himself ahead of the Sevilla defender , but his decision to shoot himself , instead of feeding on Cristiano Ronaldo , the fruitful kick wide .

Sevilla did not want to lose . Jairo shot into the side against Real Madrid minute intervals , but then , they were silenced by a man named Gareth Bale . Receiving feedback Karim Benzema in the penalty box , the former Tottenham player without error conquering Madrid Beto and open the scoring .

Bale almost doubled the lead in the 16th minute . His shot blocked by Beto . While , Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to miss , but the main character in the first round of Madrid is The Number 11 . Gareth Bale's free kick hit the posse before Beto into the net in the 27th minute .

The referee awarded a penalty after Isco Teixiera Vitienes dropped by Fernando Navarro , though he was fouled outside the penalty box . Cristiano Ronaldo penalty flawlessly Madrid to score the third goal but the game has lasted half an hour .

Sevilla then get well gift peanlti after violation ' delicate ' by Sergio Ramos . Ivan Rakitic successfully minimize the defeat and restore the visitors into the match in the 38th minute . Wonders then come again . After two minutes , the back row by Los Blancos deceived Vitolo piercing on the right side . His pass is done well by Jairo Samperio who gave the ball to Carlos Bacca . Colombian striker would not be any direct shots . 3-2 .

The second half, two moments come streak. After securing the goalkeeper Diego Lopez, a typical fast counterattack almighty Real Madrid Karim Benzema led to the goal on 53 minutes, but it was not enough as Cristiano Ronaldo scored both goals, assists Giver ... none other than Gareth Bale.

Sevilla replied via Ivan Rakitic beautiful goal ('63), but, the party has not stopped. CR7 scored his third goal on 71 minutes, while the penalty Rakitic avoid drifting just as his tenth goal. Because ... the goal belongs to Karim Benzema who completed feedback Marcelo. The visitors increasingly bloody as Stéphane M'Bia given a red card 15 minutes from time. 7-3 is the final score. Real Madrid partying, forget the heartache at the Camp Nou, started consistently, and could say, is their best performance since coached by Carlo Ancelotti.
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Iker Casillas move to Barcelona

Iker Casillas move to BarcelonaBarcelona : In the El Classico match on Saturday ( 10/26/2013 ) , Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas gets coaxing some Barcelona players are asked to join the Catalan club . This is related to the status of Casillas who is often sitting on the bench since Carlo Ancelotti deal with Real Madrid this season . Based on the reported Mundodeportivo , coaxing the players performed in the hall , before the start of the match which was held at the Camp Nou .

 " Come with us to Barcelona , Iker , " as heard from the mouths of some Barca players . Some hurl with a laugh , just teasing , half- joking , but there are also serious .

In the Barca dressing room , all almost agreed to defend Victor Valdes , but Valdes has made ​​the decision to not renew the contract at the Camp Nou and choose to look for a new challenge next season . In the Barcelona dressing room as well , almost all of the players may not see Casillas costumed Barcelona . Real Madrid president Florentino Perez certainly do not want to repeat the mistake when let Samuel Eto'o moved and success with Barcelona costumes recur.

Barcelona among courtier who played for the Spanish national team , of course, figure Casillas has been recognized . Therefore, a move Casillas certainly to be welcomed . They also consider periods of tension as in Jose Mourinho era has ended .

The signs can be seen as Bartra and Tello in talks with their counterparts fellow members of the Under - 21 squad , like Carvajal , Isco , and Jesse . Angel Di Maria is seen talking with Messi and Mascherano . Illarramendi also talk openly with Montoya and Adriano , then hugging Pepe . Isco and Montoya joked about their appearance with a beard . And Marcelo , Alves , Adriano and embraced each other .
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Real Madrid vs Sevilla La Liga October 30 2013

The match between Real Madrid vs Sevilla in the Spanish League continued last week's eleventh on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 will be the proving ground . Los Blancos have to get back to winning ways after falling in El Clasico . While Cristiano Ronaldo , Sepp Blatter could show how great he was . No time to relax for Carlo Ancelotti's troops . If you still want to hold Spanish league title , they must be kept clean sweep of victories while hoping Barcelona and Atletico slip . Unfortunately, this time coming exams can not be said lightly .

Real Madrid vs Sevilla La Liga October 30 2013

Sevilla may be more often the loser in front of the camp Santiago Bernabeu , but that came this time not only dibesut coach Unai Emery . Not only a very large shopping team in the summer .

Kubu Ramon Sanchez - Pijzuan also unbeaten in the last seven games . Contrast that with Madrid in six games last collapsed twice . It is agreed by Carlo Ancelotti , who said, " They are very well organized . We have to play with high intensity from the beginning and continue to develop themselves to bend Sevilla . "

Ancelotti also said that Karim Benzema will be the choice in this fight . While Gareth Bale will alternate with Angel Di Maria on the right side , but there will be no Xabi Alonso and Asier Illarramendi . It will only pick one of them to fill the midfield .

Real Madrid currently not too fused , but Ancelotti is optimistic his team will continue to progress. He said , " We are so close to Real Madrid Ancelotti flavor . I can not say how many more days . We just played better in the second half against Barcelona . we have to do that for 90 minutes . "

In the last five games , Sevilla won only once . They also terbobol 18 goals in the same range , but Ivan Rakitic middle raged and Kevin Gameiro could be a terror for Los Blancos back line .

Estimated Lineup Real Madrid vs Sevilla:

Real Madrid ( 4-2-3-1 ) : 25 - Diego Lopez ; 17 - Arbeloa , 3 - Pepe , 2 - Varane , 12 - Marcelo ; 19 - Modric , 24 - Illarramendi , 11 - Bale , 23 - Isco , 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo ; 9 - Benzema
Sevilla ( 4-2-3-1 ) : 13 - Beto ; 5 - Figueiras , 21 - Pareja , 6 - Carrico , 32 - A . Moreno ; 8 - Cristoforo , 12 - Iborra ; 17 - Jairo , 11 - Rakitic , 20 - VITOLO ; 18 - Gameiro

Head to Head Real Madrid vs Sevilla:

07/05/2011 Sevilla vs Real Madrid 2-6
17/12/2011 Sevilla vs Real Madrid 2-6
29/04/2012 Real Madrid vs Sevilla 3-0
09.15.2012 Sevilla vs Real Madrid 1-0
02.09.2013 Real Madrid vs Sevilla 4-1
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Diego Costa Officially Chose Spanish is not Brazil

Diego Costa finally answer all the polemic relating to the future . Atletico Madrid have made a statement a desire to perform with the Spanish national team , instead of Brazil , the country of his birth . however , the Selecao not want to give up to bring home the controversial player . The affidavit itself , proves determination Diego Costa . In the letter , the Spanish league top scorers while explaining he was not going to fulfill the call to defend the Brazilian national team in two friendly matches in November. In addition , Costa claimed to be ready to perform with the Spanish national team , either in a friendly or official . He is also willing to accept a call if Vicente Del Bosque , coach of Spain , appointed .

Diego Costa Officially Chose Spanish is not Brazil

Spain was determined to use the services of the player , but that does not mean Brazil give up. They will submit the case to FIFA , though RFEF also have followed all the procedures to certify Diego Costa to play for his adopted country .

Brazilian coach , Luiz Felipe Scolari , it also can be hard on a man who had already played twice for the Samba team in an international friendly match . He said the CBF official website , " A Brazilian who turned down the chance to wear a uniform and play Brazil in the World Cup in their own country , only to be removed from the existing squad . " He turned things dreams are made of millions of people ; playing for the world champion five times Brazil in the World Cup , "added the man who led the Selecao won the 2013 Confederations Cup .

Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari said Diego Costa has turned the dream of millions of people , after the players refused to Brazil and chose to defend Spain national team level .

As has been reported previously , Costa has decided to choose Spain as a country that will he defend at the level of the national team . Although born in Brazil , this is possible because Costa was qualified long stay in Spain and has not played for the senior Brazil team in a competitive match .

This decision also put an end to the push-pull between Spain and Brazil . The bone of contention between the two countries since Costa expressed his intention to defend Spain , which then makes Brazilian fire - iminginya beard and waving a place in the Selecao squad for the 2014 World Cup .

Scolari has even put his name on the squad list that will undergo Brazil friendly match counter Honduras and Chile next month , but following the release of Costa 's decision , Scolari insists his name is automatically dropped . A Brazilian player who turned down the chance to wear the uniform and the Brazilian national team playing in the World Cup held in the country , is automatically dropped from the squad , " Scolari said in a statement released by the Brazilian Football Federation ( CBF ) and cited the U.S. .

Although not mentioning what steps will be taken to the front , but the CBF through its president Jose Maria Marin said it will fight the players . We will fight as far as we consider as the best way to Brazil . CBF did not consider this case closed for granted.

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Arsene Wenger never won against Mourinho

London : Chelsea Arsenal managed to get rid of the event Capital One Cup . Chelsea won 2-0 when they travel to the Emirates Stadium . Cesar Azpilicueta scored and Juan Mata Arsenalr stopped in the last 16 of the UEFA Cup .

Arsene Wenger never won against Mourinho

This adds to the length of a record defeat Wenger who never win against a team that cared for Jose Mourinho . Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have met 9 times . Of total encounter , Mourinho won 5 times , including 4 games ended in a draw . Meanwhile , Mourinho was in foster care had scored 13 goals and conceded just 6 goals of the team made by Wenger .

Chelsea 1-0 up when the game lasts 25 minutes . Cesar Azpilicueta volley made ​​it into the Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski guarded . The 1-0 score stood until halftime . In the second half , Arsenal were trying to catch up by playing more aggressively . To add the power on , Wenger put Mesut Ozil to replace Ryo Miyaichi on 63 minutes , but it is Chelsea who managed to add goals . Through a counter-attack , Juan Mata managed to increase the advantage in minute 66.Tertinggal 2 goals , Wenger immediately replace Nicklas Bendtner with Olivier Giroud , but the Gunners pulled one attempt fails until the referee blew the long whistle .
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AS Roma chance to set new records in Serie A

AS Roma has a chance to carve a special note on giornata 10 Serie A. Condition , Roma must be the gatekeeper beat Chievo Verona . AS Roma 's 1-0 victory over Udinese in giornata 9 've made ​​a record nine victories Giallorossi , aka a 100 % start at the beginning of this season . The results not only cemented the position of Roma in the top league but also equaled the best start of Juventus Serie A 2005-06 season .

AS Roma chance to set new records in Serie A

Thus, if Roma is able to achieve victory when the host Chievo at the Olimpico , Thursday ( 10/30/2013 ) , a new record in Serie A will be created . Opportunity ' Capital Wolves ' open enough to do that if you view the current conditions . On paper ailing Chievo at the bottom of standings with one win , one draw and seven defeats , and scored 7 goals and conceded 17 goals , the opponent is not commensurate to Roma is still perfect and has made ​​23 goals and conceded just 1 goal , but , of course Allenatore Rudi Garcia has warned his team should not necessarily arrogant and over-confident , because at this time it appears that is what will be the main enemy of Roma .

While the team's second place Napoli 's midweek must prepare to face a fierce fight when a visit to the headquarters of Fiorentina's Artemio Franchi , team fifth occupant , Wednesday ( 30/10 ) . Since losing to Inter Milan in giornata 5 , La Viola is undergoing a rising trend . Had won two draws against Parma and Lazio , Fiorentina and then finished the next two games with victories : 4-2 over Juventus and Chievo 2-1 . This will be the capital for the host Napoli .
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23 Players candidate winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013

23 Players candidate winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013
Zurich - The world governing body ( FIFA ) and the France Football has released the list of candidates winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013 . Of the 23 names , Bayern Munich which puts most players . Bayern Munich as the most successful club in the whole of last season with a degree Treble ' send ' seven players . Including French winger Franck Ribery who previously had won the award the best players in Europe .

Ribery is believed to be competing with two previous winners Barcelona striker Lionel Messi and Real Madrid star player Cristiano Ronaldo . Robin van Persie , Yaya Toure became the Premier League player who re- entered the list . There are also controversial Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard and Tottenham Hotspur are now strengthening Real Madrid Gareth Bale .

The 10 best candidates Coach also been announced . Former coach Jupp Heynckes who brought great success at Bayern last season and will compete to be the favorite with famous names such as Vicente del Bosque , Jose Mourinho , Luiz Felipe Scolari and Sir Alex Ferguson .

In early December 2013 , FIFA and France Football will announce the names of the top three in each category that receive the most votes . Three nominations for best goal and the world's best teams will also be announced . All winners will be announced at a ceremony held in Zurich , Switzerland on January 13, 2014 . Thus quoted from FIFA .

Player of the Year candidate Ballon d'Or 2013 :

Gareth Bale ( Wales ) , Edinson Cavani ( Uruguay ) , Radamel Falcao ( Colombia ) , Eden Hazard ( Belgium ) , Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( Sweden ) , Andres Iniesta ( Spain ) , Philipp Lahm ( Germany ) , Robert Lewandowski ( Poland ) , Lionel Messi ( Argentina ) , Thomas Mueller ( Germany ) , Manuel Neuer ( Germany ) , Neymar ( Brazil ) , Mesut Oezil ( Germany ) , Andrea Pirlo ( Italy ) , Franck Ribery ( France ) , Arjen Robben ( Netherlands ) , Cristiano Ronaldo ( Portugal ) , Bastian Schweinsteiger ( Germany ) , Luis Suarez ( Uruguay ) , Thiago Silva ( Brazil ) , Yaya Toure ( Ivory Coast ) , Robin Van Persie ( Netherlands ) , Xavi ( Spain ) .

Candidate Ballon d'Or Best Coach in 2013:

Carlo Ancelotti ( Italy / Paris Saint - Germain FC / Real Madrid CF ) , Rafael Benitez ( Spain / Chelsea FC / SSC Napoli ) , Antonio Conte ( Italy / Juventus ) , Vicente Del Bosque ( Spain / Spain national team ) , Sir Alex Ferguson ( Scotland / former manager of Manchester United FC ) , Jupp Heynckes ( Germany / former coach of FC Bayern Munich ) , Jurgen Klopp ( Germany / Borussia Dortmund ) , Jose Mourinho ( Portugal / real Madrid CF / Chelsea FC ) , Luiz Felipe Scolari ( Brazil / National Team Brazil ) , Arsene Wenger ( France / Arsenal FC ) .
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Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Records Against Sevilla

Madrid : For those of rivals Real Madrid , Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a concern . No exception for Sevilla . According to the schedule that has been released La Liga , the competition continued in the eleventh week , Unai Emery 's farm club will visit the Santiago Bernabeu , Wednesday, October 30, 2013 . Emery warns deserve Sevilla defense for Ronaldo always observe the movement . Statistical records in the last five meetings worth making Emery helm . Therefore , in those five games , Cristiano Ronaldo Los Palanganas capable goalkeeper , nicknamed Sevilla , 11 times or 11 goals . Ratio of 2.2 goals per game tally .

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Records Against Sevilla

Emery is more worrying and caring for children , Sevilla is a club where the most frequent Ronaldo scored a hat -trick or more . All in all, since the 2010-2011 season panning Ronaldo 12 goals against Sevilla . Getafe goalkeeper only more suffering , broken Ronaldo 13 goals .
v As reported on the club's official website , Sevilla suffering for sharpness Ronaldo began with the two teams meeting at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in the 35th week of the 2010-2011 season . When it's winning a landslide Madrid 6-2 ( 3-0 ) and Ronaldo scored four goals . In the following season , 2011-2012 , in two meetings Ronaldo back capable Sevilla goalkeeper . In fact , at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan when Madrid back to winning big 6-2 , Ronaldo recorded a hat -trick . Three other goals were scored Jose Callejon , Angel Di Maria and Hamit Altintop .

The most heat , in the second meeting last season , Sevilla had won 1-0 in the first meeting , back massacred Madrid with the score 1-4 . Ronaldo scored a hat -trick . The other goals were scored Karim Benzema .

Here Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Record Against Sevilla

2012/13 February 10, 2013 Real Madrid 4-1 Sevilla 3 goals
2012/13 15 September 2012 Sevilla 1-0 Real Madrid 0 goals
2011/12 29 April 2012 Real Madrid 3-0 Sevilla 1 goal
2011/12 December 18th, 2011 Sevilla 2-6 Real Madrid 3 goals
2010/11 May 8, 2011 Sevilla 2-6 Real Madrid 4 goals
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Celta Vigo vs Barcelona La Liga October 29 2013

La Liga schedule that brings Celta Vigo vs Barcelona will take place on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 . Barcelona will face the team of Luis Enrique who had a taste for Barcelona . Can troops Tata Martino earned a full three points in Balaidos ?

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona La Liga October 29 2013

To have a chance to beat Barcelona , we have to be in top form , while Barcelona is in the worst performance , " Luis Enrique claims to the press ahead of the game . Speech that is not because Enrique is a man beloved Camp Nou public . Not because there Rafinha Alcantara , Andreu Fontas , and Nolito nuanced club Barcelona in Galicia , but it is in fact the case.

Barcelona proved to be able to play without Lionel Messi . In El Clasico , when La Pulga played as ' right wing ' was less sharp , in fact Neymar shines and secure three crucial points , but , Celta was also not lost before the game . They just got beat hosts Malaga with five goals without reply .

Coach Tata Martino brings his squad without a Gerard Pique . That is, we may see the two young parents , Carles Puyol - Marc Bartra who became defense sector . While at the camp host , Michael Krohn - Dehli will be absent . Not a problem , since Charles proved to be a source of current Celta goal . Throughout history , Barcelona is quite difficult to face at home against Celta . Similarly, when the club Galicia is experiencing a decline in performance in the last 10 years . Even last season , they could only draw 2-2 . On paper , Lionel Messi et al . certainly expected to secure the three points .

Such as Luis Enrique said , " I do not condition the team in order to play the series . Maybe a draw against Barcelona was a good result , but we need to come into this game with a winning mentality . Their rivals , however , football is a game that can catapult a surprise at any time . "

Estimated Structure Formation

Celta Vigo ( 4-4-2 ) : 13 - Joel ; 3 - Hugo Mallo , 22 - Cabral , 3 - Fontas , 13 - Aurtenetxe ; 24 - Augusto Fernandez , 8 - Alex Lopez , 4 - Oubina , 10 - Nolito ; 11 - Charles , 27 - Santi Mina
Barcelona ( 4-3-3 ) : 1 - Valdes ; 2 - Montoya , 15 - Bartra , 5 - Puyol , 21 - Adriano ; 6 - Xavi , 17 - Alex Song , 8 - Iniesta ; 9 - Alexis , 10 - Messi , 7 - Pedro

Head to Head

05/03/2006 Celta de Vigo vs Barcelona 0-1
28/08/2006 Celta de Vigo vs Barcelona 2-3
28/01/2007 Barcelona vs Celta de Vigo 3-1
03/11/2012 Barcelona vs Celta de Vigo 3-1
30/03/2013 Celta de Vigo vs Barcelona 2-2
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Chelsea player rotation vs Arsenal in English League Cup

Chelsea player rotation vs Arsenal in English League Cup
London - Chelsea will certainly not lose his best team against Arsenal in the English League Cup . Busy schedule to make the Blues players were forced to lower the upholstery . Chelsea best players had just had a fierce match against Manchester City , Sunday ( 27/10/2013 ) . At the game , Chelsea won 2-1 thanks to goals from Andre Schuerrle and Fernando Torres .

Just got the day off , Chelsea already have been to the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal in the League Cup fourth round on Tuesday ( 10/29/2013 ) . For the game , Chelsea is not likely to play the major players . We will provide the desired game by the people who hold this game on Tuesday , "said the Chelsea manager , Jose Mourinho .

"If they want a big game , we can not give a big game . If they want the players who perform on Sunday , we can not give it , " added Mourinho .

"If they want Arsenal to win trophies , it will help , because if they want a great game between two great teams in London , they should hold the game on Wednesday and not on Tuesday , " he said .

Arsenal themselves better off by schedule . The Gunners last match on Saturday ( 10/26/2013 ) and then , where Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2-0 .
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Marc Marquez Did Not Want To Fail In Valencia

Motegi : Who will come out as the 2013 MotoGP world championship will be decided in the last race weekend in Valencia , Spain , pada10 November. This is the first time since the 2006 world championship title race is determined on the last session . Actually , Marc Marquez has a chance to win the title in Australia and Japan at the end of last week , but the Repsol Honda rider failed to win in the two series . Marc Marquez is still leading the standings with 318 points , 13 points ahead of Jorge Lorenzo, who was ranked second . The victory at Motegi last weekend , made ​​a turn Lorenzo chances to defend his world title . This is what is feared Marquez . He did not want to fail for the third time to ensure themselves a world champion .

Marc Marquez Did Not Want ToFail In Valencia

I am very happy because in my first season in MotoGP I fight with Jorge that may be in the best condition of his career , " said Marquez . " We're going to try 100 percent of our ability to get this title . " Marquuez almost certainly become the youngest driver to become world champion MotoGP if finish fourth or better than that in the Valencia race weekend . " I have to concentrate on my job and my motorcycle and tried my best in Valencia , " said Marc Marquez .

Meanwhile , Lorenzo is still optimistic to retain the world title . " Until we end the race , we know the championship is not yet over. I'm not the leader of the race , so it's not up to me . For that let us see how our strategy in Valencia , " said Lorenzo .

If Marquez was crowned champion in his home country next month , he will make history being the first rookie to world champion in the last 35 years .

His fellow Honda team which was ranked three , Dani Pedrosa , believe Marquez will be world champion . " He seemed to have a strong determination and that's why he's so fast , " said Pedrosa
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Jose Mourinho I'm sorry about excessive goal celebration

London - Jose Mourinho too enthusiastically celebrating a goal when Fernando Torres scored Chelsea victory over Manchester City . For that he also felt the need to apologize to Manuel Pellegrini . The Blues won 2-1 against City thanks to goals from Torres in the 90th minute . Mourinho is happy with the goal , then celebrate by inviting Chelsea fans cheered , hugged and even some supporters of ' The Blues' .

Jose Mourinho I'm sorry about excessive goal celebration

What does a manager Mourinho has helped the Citizens Pellegrini was happy . Chilean manager refused to shake hands with Mourinho at the end of the game . About the excessive goal celebration , Mourinho did plead guilty . He was then asked for forgiveness .

" If they are I did something wrong today , then I apologize . Defeat him in the final minutes of the game , and I sympathize with it . In other countries and cultures , we shook hands before the game , and like that . If he is very sad because the end result , then I could understand . If she was sad because I did something wrong , I also understand it . " said Mourinho

Jose Mourinho was satisfied with the victory gained Chelsea over Manchester City . He said , his team just got the victory over the best team in the Premier League . Chelsea won 2-1 thanks to goals from Fernando Torres in the 90th minute . Previously , Torres is also a contributor assists to goals from Andre Schuerrle . City that appeared not too bad at the game had equalized at 1-1 through Sergio Aguero . Mourinho himself admitted that the Citizens perform better in the early second round .

" The first half was ours . We are better , much better than them . 's Very difficult to be better than a fantastic team . We should be able to score more goals . " They started well in the second half . They created a great goal and after that the game became more open . Equal chances for both teams . " In such a period , you need a bit of luck to win the game . We won a very important game . I think , we just beat the best team in the Premier League , " said Mourinho .

Fernando Torres played well when Chelsea beat Manchester City in the English League. Jose Mourinho also gave praise to El Nino which is cleverly called plays.

Jose Mourinho I'm sorry about excessive goal celebration

About the performance of Fernando Torres who was appearing sharp, Mourinho did not hesitate to give pujian.Gol it comes thanks to an ingenious act of Fernando Torres, "Fernando is very astute in the way he believed. Appearance was fantastic and it was better because it comes after scoring opportunities easily missed. was making it more valuable. currently a striker who missed easy opportunities early in the game, then it will have an effect throughout the game. it looked like the moment in which Fernando thinks 'I'll be the man of the match', "said Mourinho. .
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Ronaldo failed to score, Real Madrid Always Lost

Goal Cristiano Ronaldo turns a big impact for Real Madrid this season when it appeared to face an elite team . If CR7 scored not , then Real Madrid always lost . This was again proven when they met against Barcelona in El Clasico . On Saturday night , Cristiano Ronaldo did not appear in the best performance . CR7 also failed to score when it is facing one on one with Victor Valdes , the goalkeeper watched stem shot .

Ronaldo failed to score, Real Madrid Always Lost

Which is more painful , when Ronaldo fell in the second round . Many argue should Undiano Mallenco referee pointed to the spot for CR7 violated Javier Mascherano , but not a few who make the simulation of the Portuguese . For Cristiano Ronaldo , his dream to score in seven successive matches El Clasico at the Camp Nou , vanished . Previously , he recorded a goal as Madrid lost 3-2 to Barcelona in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2011. Followed by a goal in the second leg of the Copa del Rey , one goal in the Supercopa de Espana 2012, 2 goals in the first round of the Spanish league season 2012-2013 , and 2 goals to win 1-3 over the hosts in the Copa del Rey semi-final second leg 2013 .

This particular season , Real Madrid continued to show the dependence on the former Manchester United winger . Recorded if she was barren in front of an elite team defense , also finished struggle Madrid . For example , while Los Blancos 0-1 defeat of Atletico and Barcelona certainly as smothering . Contrast with if CR7 appear extraordinary . when Madrid against Juventus in the Champions League , they won 2-1 thanks to two goals that hired the Portuguese striker .
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Juventus vs Genoa 2-0 Serie A Italian

Successful victory Juventus host Genoa at Juventus Stadium on Sunday ( 10/27/2013 ) . Two Juventus winning goal was created by Arturo Vidal and Carlos Tevez . This victory is a disappointment bidder Bianconeri , who defeated in the last two games in Serie A and the Champions League . Playing in front of their own supporters , Juventus appeared dominant over Genoa . according to the record , Juventus has 24 Attempts throughout the game , in which 9 of them on target . While Genoa is only 6 and none are right on target . Juventus also won control of the ball up to 60 % .

Juventus vs Genoa 2-0 Serie A Italian

Although dominant , Juventus had difficulty to score against Genoa . Paul Pogba and Fernando Llorente could get opportunities early in the game , but they could still be blocked kick . Vidal also had to get a good chance in the 19th minute , but his shot hit the crossbar .

Juventus finally winning in the 23rd minute through a penalty Vidal . The referee awarded a penalty after Davide Blondini foul on Kwadwo Asamoah in the box . Vidal kick leads to the upper left corner of the Genoa goal . 1-0 to the hosts .

Juventus vs Genoa 2-0 Serie A Italian

Towards the end of the first half , precisely in the 36th minute , Tevez doubled the lead Juventus . The Argentine striker received a pass from Asamoah before finally releasing left-footed shot from outside the penalty box . Up to 90 minutes of the game running , no additional goals . Juve get the three points and currently sits in the top three standings with a value of 22 , five points behind the top of the table , AS Roma . Meanwhile , Genoa remain in 16th place with a collection of 8 .

Lineup Juventus vs Genoa

Juventus : Buffon , Chiellini , Barzagli , Bonucci , Pogba , Asamoah ( De Ceglie 73 ) , Pirlo , Isla , Vidal ( Padoin 87 ) , Tevez , Llorente ( Giovinco 75 ) .
Genoa : Perin , Antonini , Marchese , Manfredini , Portanova , Biondini , Antonelli ( Konate 45 ) , Vrsaljko , Kucka , Gilardino ( Fefatzidis 45 ) , Bertolacci ( Centurion 79 ) .
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Udinese vs AS Roma 0-1 Serie A Italian

AS Roma Extend a Winning Records

AS Roma despite playing with ten men since the 66th minute , AS Roma won 1-0 win over Udinese in Serie A in Friuli , Sunday ( 27/10/2013 ) . With that result , Romans mastered the standings with 27 points from nine games . Roma dominated the match , but Udinese have held up well and move to attack when the opportunity arose . It made Roma could not focus on attacking efforts .

Udinese vs AS Roma 0-1 Serie A Italian

In the first five minutes, Roma had a chance to attack , but Udinese were able to turn things around and create two consecutive opportunities through Luis Muriel in the second and third minutes . While Muriel 's first attempt hit the left post , the second attempt misses the mark . Roma created the next chance in the tenth minute through Alessandro Florenzi , but his effort was blocked opposing players .

Udinese could only reply that threat through Antonio Di Natale in the 19th minute , which countered Morgan De Sanctis . Towards the end of the first half , Roma could control the situation , but they still had trouble scoring . Maicon shot in the 43rd minute mark, while Adem Ljajic shot in the 45th minute could also anticipated Kelava .

In the second half , immediately urged Roma hosts and managed to maintain their pressure well . Udinese difficulty out of the nest , but no final settlement of Roma who truly endanger Udinese goalkeeper . Miralem Pjanic and Maicon , fired two shots in the 50th minute , but there's nothing difficult Kelava .

Roma difficulty maintaining their pressure after Maicon was given a second yellow card in the 66th minute . Maicon was expelled after Emmanuel Badu violated . Udinese could perform dangerous movements thereafter . Final settlement is less measurable than Giampiero Pinzi and Antonio Di Natale in the 67th minute and the 70th made ​​a wasted opportunity .

Having shot Pinzi in the 77th minute blocked , Roma launched an attack that led to goals from Michael Bradley in the 82nd minute . From outside the penalty box , Bradley fired the ball into shipment Kevin Strootman bottom right corner of goalkeeper Kelava . Udinese tried to use the time left to equalize, however , score 1-0 to Roma did not change until the long whistle sounded .
According to records , Roma controlled the ball throughout the match as much as 52 percent and fired six shots from 17 businesses bead , while Udinese created four chances out of 13 experiments .

Lineups Udinese vs AS Roma

Udinese : 30 - Ivan Kelava ; 4 - Naldo , 5 - Danilo , 75 - Thomas Heurtaux ( 8 - Dusan Basta 76 ) ; 7 - Emmanuel Agyemang - Badu , 21 - Andrea Lazzari , 34 - Gabriel , 37 - Roberto Pereyra , 66 - Giampiero Pinzi ; 9 - Luis Muriel , 10 - Antonio Di Natale
AS Roma : 26 - Morgan De Sanctis ; 5 - Leandro Castan , 13 - Maicon , 17 - Mehdi Benatia , 42 - Federico Balzaretti ; 6 - Kevin Stootman , 15 - Miralem Pjanic ( 35 - Vasilis Torosidis ( 68 ) , 16 - Daniele De Rossi ; 8 - Adem Ljajic , 24 - Alessandro Florenzi ( 7 - Marquinho 62 ) , 88 - Marco Borriello ( 4 - Michael Bradley 78 )
Referee : Mauro Bergonzi
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Napoli vs Torino 2-0 Serie A Italian

Naples : Napoli Without difficulty means to overcome his resistance directly Torino 2-0 in Serie A continued at the weekend which took ninth at the Stadio San Paolo , Sunday, October 27, 2013 . Both Partenopei winning goal scored by Gonzalo Higuain from the penalty spot . With this result , while Napoli up to second place with a large number of Juventus move 20 points ( 19 points ) and Inter Milan ( 18 points ) .

Napoli vs Torino 2-0 Serie A Italian

Without three core players , Paolo Cannavaro who exposed suspension due to his red card in the match against AS Roma , Juan Camilo Zuniga and Miguel Angel Britos newly rising operating table , Napoli diladeni forces too strong for Giampiero Ventura who also lost a lot of its core players .

Napoli wins for the sixth time was marked by a controversial incident that led to the penalty in the 14th minute . Starting from the acceleration Dries Mertens in the box. His efforts got a tight convoy of defender Nicola Bellomo . Mertens cleverly attaching legs and fell . Andrea Di Marco referee pointed to the spot . Gifts are not wasted Higuain following a hard shot into the top corner which was unable to reach goalkeeper Daniele Padelli . 1-0. A few minutes later , utilize bait Mertens , hard kick Higuain still be denied by goalkeeper Padelli .

Controversy broke out in the 32nd minute . Starting from a corner kick that generate heat in the middle of the penalty box Torino . Federico Fernandez and kicked the ball on the elbow Torino captain Karim Glik . Napoli players sign of hand-picked hand-ball . Referee Di Marco budge . but a few seconds later , the referee pointed to the spot following a penalty sign signal linesman's flag raised . This time, turn the players Il Toro who protested . Referee In re Marco budge . Higuain for the second time successfully fulfill his duties as an executioner .

Soon after goalkeeper blunder committed Padeli , Napoli deserved 3-0 lead . Starting from behind the attacks , which leveled much bait ball defender Napoli goalkeeper Padeli which failed driven forward to a few meters outside the penalty box . However , Lorenzo Insigne lob still can be driven out by Danilo D' Ambrosio . Napoli 2-0 to survive until the break .

In the second half , Torino enter Migjen Basha and Riccardo Meggiorini , but attack the visitors never threatened goalkeeper Pepe Reina . New in the 78th minute former Liverpool goalkeeper is doing a kick save with Meggiorini . Napoli retaliate by kicking Jose Callejon newly signed to replace Higuain . Five minutes from time , Torino lost Basha who received a straight red card for substitute striker due ganjalannya Goran Pandev . 2-0 score lasted until the game was over .

Team Line-up Napoli vs Torino:

Napoli : Reina ; Maggio , Albiol , Fernandez , Armero ; Inler , Stocker ; Mertens ( Pandev 75 ) , Hamsik ( Zapata 80 ) , Insigne ; Higuain ( Callejon 67 ) .
Torino : Padelli ; Darmian , Glik , Moretti ; D' Ambrosio ( Maksimovic 62 ) , Gazzi ( Basha 46 ) , Vives , Bellomo , Masiello ; Cerci ( Meggiorini 46 ) , Barreto .
Referee : Andrea De Marco
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Luis Suarez Spectacular hat trick against West Brom

Liverpool conquered West Bromwich Albion 4-1 at Anfield in the Premier League continued on Saturday (10/26/2013). The Reds victory marred by hattrick Luis Suarez, who scored all the goals it is very spectacular. Three points in the ninth week makes Liverpool continue to stick to Arsenal at the top that collect a total of 22 points. They are only two points adrift.

Luis Suarez Spectacular hat trick against West Brom

Arsenal victory in the first game played against Crystal Palace, triggering the Liverpool players to reap the same thing in this game. Then from the kick-off haves, forces directly attacking the Reds host defense.

A number of opportunities were achieved and a goal is created in the 12th minute through Luis Suarez brilliant action. The Uruguay striker passed the cordon of West Brom players, including pass the ball between the legs of Youssouf Mulumbu, before it strikes the ball. Just five minutes, Suarez back ripped the nets for the visitors. This time no less brilliant because Suarez from outside the penalty box that drove heavy ball into the right corner of the goal can be driven without goalkeeper Boaz Myhill. The goal of the design was very mature for Suarez gives feedback to Daniel Sturridge, who continue to feed it Aly Cissokho on the left wing. Suarez ran from a cross behind the French players. Although from the outside the penalty box, the ball can not be arrested.

After the goal, Liverpool continued to look for opportunities to add goals. In the midst of his efforts to score again, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet it almost conceded in the end the first half. Martin Skrtel was lucky to clear the ball which had led to the goal mouth Victor Anichebe results of operations that are deceptive Mignolet when receiving a long pass Mulumbu. The first half ended 2-0 to Liverpool.

In the second half, Liverpool again showed its dominance. Red forces Anfield keep pounding the West Brom defense, thus giving birth chances in the 55th minute through a free kick. Steven Gerrard who executes the dead ball to provide feedback to the penalty box, with jelly and Suarez took the opportunity to score with a header. Suarez hat-trick with Liverpool winning 3-0.

In the 66th minute, the visitors get a chance pulled one back through a penalty, after Billy Jones violated. James Morrison performing their duties properly as the ball shot to the middle of the goal can not be driven Mignolet who moves to the left.

Goal is to make the Liverpool players 'angered'. Brendan Rodgers troops back defense shut West Brom to score additional goals, the results obtained in the 77th minute goal by Sturridge gorgeous. Dribbling from the center, Sturridge, who almost entered the penalty box kick bounced to bamboozle Myhill who stood somewhat forward from the net. Sturridge decision is appropriate, because the chip balls could not reach the West Brom goalkeeper. The score was changed to 4-1.

When the match eight minutes remaining, Suarez came close to the coffers of his goal in the game. Unfortunately, it does kick salto kick ball rebounding advantage on the defender Gerrard, could be pushed over Myhill and bounced off the crossbar before driven away from the goal.

Suarez became scourge West Brom in the game. Before being substituted in the 88th minute, the former Ajax striker was again a serious threat by the action of the infield. Players dribbled past two opponents, he kicks off a flat from outside the penalty box. Luckily for West Brom, as Myhill very readily anticipate flat ball into the left corner, so it can be brushed out. Final score 4-1
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Result El Clasico Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

Barcelona : Barcelona strengthen its position at the top of La Liga after the 10th week won an important victory in El Clasico match against Real Madrid . Goals from Neymar and Alexis Sanchez brings Los Azulgranas won 2-1 , Saturday ( 26/10/2013 ) . With this victory Barcelona pack 28 points . Them four points clear of second- Atletico Madrid at the weekend who has not dropped a game. Real Madrid themselves stuck in the top three La Liga standings with 22 points .
Result El Clasico Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

At this match Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has experimented with putting Cristiano Ronaldo as a center forward and assisted two winger Gareth Bale and Angel Di Maria . however, this tactic is not going well . Ronaldo appeared less bite and could not score a goal .

Barcelona managed to lead 1-0 until halftime . Neymar scored the opening goal that Barcelona forward ball from Andres Iniesta when the game runs 19 minutes . Left behind one goal to force Madrid to increase the intensity of their attacks in the second half . Ancelotti Karim Benzema and insert to enter Jese Rodriguez . Madrid attack is much more lively in the second half .

Neymar scored first in El Clasico

Neymar Barcelona almost doubled the lead early in the second half . Unfortunately the half volley former Santos player that this time could be thwarted by Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez .

57 minutes into the match , the fans who packed Camp Nou Barcelona made ​​anxious . Luka Modric made ​​a breakthrough bait Ronaldo Barcelona separated from the convoy defense . Luckily for Barcelona , Victor Valdes brilliantly Ronaldo is able to block the kick hard . Luck seemed to be away from Madrid . Benzema hard kick from outside the penalty area on 71 minutes still hit the goalpost . Also failed to rebound the ball struck the midfielder Sami Khedira .

Busy attacking , Madrid defense off guard . Can substitute Alexis Sanchez Barcelona doubled the lead in the 70th minute . Get the bait away , Alexis is dealing with Pepe coolly poke the ball from outside the penalty box so beguiling Lopez .

Three minutes later , Barcelona should be able to increase the advantage . Ronaldo Dani Alves pass through and dealing with Lopez . However , the shot can still be met Lopez Alves with his feet .

Madrid to minimize the position on 89 minutes . Ronaldo penetration on the right side of Barcelona 's defense with jelly give feedback breakthrough to Jese . Madrid 's young players then conquer Valdes with horizontal kick . but the time available was too small so it should recognize the benefits Madrid 2-1 Barcelona .

Line-up Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

Barcelona: Valdes , Pique , Mascherano , Adriano , Alves , Busquets , Fabregas ( Alexis 70 ' ) , Xavi , Messi , Neymar ( Pedro 84 ' ) , Iniesta ( Song 77 ' )

Real Madrid : Diego Lopez , Carvajal , Marcelo , Varane , Ramos ( Illarramendi 56 ' ) , Pepe , Khedira , Modric , Bale ( Benzema 61 ' ) , Di Maria ( Jese 76 ' ) , Ronaldo
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Results Manchester United vs Stoke City 3-2

Manchester: Presented an exciting battle at Old Trafford between Manchester United vs Stoke City on Saturday ( 26/10/2013 ) . Although successful results of three points won , but the victory with a 3-2 score Manchester United's note is achieved in a way that is not easy . They twice trailed Stoke before the winning goal scored by Chicharito in the 80th minute . Old Trafford has been publicly silent in the fourth minute . Cleverley error utilized properly by the time the stronghold Stoke Peter Crouch kick can still be ignored by De Gea , but the former Liverpool player to react quickly to grab the ball rebounds into the goal. 0-1 . Stoke had another chance to score again in the 14th minute . Arnautovic sent the ball to the far post where Walters was standing there . He then sent the ball into the penalty box and was greeted head of Crouch but the ball goes wide .

Results Manchester United vs Stoke 3-2

United then had to thank De Gea . The Spanish goalkeeper twice to secure his team 's goal of invasion Walters and Arnautovic . Stoke was able to excel at least four goals in this opportunity . In the end , United could be evened the score at minute 43 . Nani off a cross which was met Rooney 's header and the ball was ignored Begovic . Robin van Persie is the perfect place to welcome a ball gag and change things for the 1-1 .

Will remain , Stoke regained the lead in the 45th minute . Jones offenses committed in the penalty box United awarding a free kick for Stoke . Marko Arnautovic not wasting the opportunity when the beautiful free kick failed to stop De Gea . Stoke City 1-2 first half lead .

Results Manchester United vs Stoke 3-2

David Moyes as do everything he can for the team to avoid poor results this time . Including sending Januzaj and Hernandez to the field to replace Nani and Cleverley . The result ? Two Januzaj action to be stopped illegally by Stoke players and make them get a yellow card from the referee . Host of new efforts paid off in the 78th minute . Starting from a corner kick RVP , Wayne Rooney, who was at the near post , without hesitation jumped at the ball with his head and make Stoke goalkeeper collapse . 2-2 . Two minutes later , Javier Hernandez put Moyes decision was wrong . Mexico 's players from successfully changing circumstances to 3-2 after capitalizing on a mistake in anticipation of the arrival of the ball Begovic sent by Evra .

Manchester United 3-2 Stoke ( Van Persie 43 ' , Rooney 78 ' , Hernandez 80 ' / Crouch 4 ' , Arnautovic 45 ' )
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Barcelona Better Off Than Real Madrid in El Clasico

Barcelona - Equally have a new coach , Barcelona and Real Madrid have a chance called differently in El Clasico this weekend . Barcelona is considered to be well established and solid , while Madrid is still groping best form of the game . Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino and Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti , will undergo the first El Clasico match on Saturday ( 10/26/2013 ) at the Camp Nou . The two coaches had called a different pressure the heat ahead of the game .

Barcelona Better Off Than Real Madrid in El Clasico

Martino benefited from the system and style of play Barcelona that has been formed over the years . Evident from the start slick Los Cules this season , unbeaten in nine games ( eight wins , one draw ) and topped the standings . While Madrid a little trouble finding the best games and suitable formation . Ancelotti even several times to change the formation so far , of 4-2-3-1 , 4-4-2 , and 4-3-3 . Sami Khedira some time ago admitted that Madrid did not play as a team . So no wonder Los Blancos have not been getting the most . Although cruised smoothly in the Champions League , Madrid scattered in third below Atletico Madrid La Liga .

Barcelona is played the same way for five years , they 've got a structure . While Ancelotti has yet to find a style of play . Until now , all of their away games run poorly , in the context of the game , " said the former player Jose Bakero Barceloa quoted U.S. .

" Martino knows that he still needs to get to know better the players and the club , but with a structure that has been established , they are relaxed to make it work , regardless of the outcome later . While Madrid have not got a style of play , " added the man who won four La Liga titles and one Champions Cup title ( Champions League ) this .

Playing away , Madrid did have a poor record . Despite of their four away games unbeaten ( three wins , one draw ) , but they had conceded five goals and scored eight goals . While at home , in five games ( four wins , one defeat ) , they conceded just four and has scored 11 goals .
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El Clasico: Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo October 26 2013

The match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2013 . ' El Clasico ' vol 2013-2014 season . Not only does this hot match penalty shootout prestige both teams or great Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo . Victory potentially increase the chances of one of the teams to win the Spanish league .

Owned three-point lead before the game that Barcelona is served at Camp Nou , could not be mean if Los Blancos were able to silence the host . In fact , in the last four meetings in the Catalan club 's hallowed stadium , Barcelona has lost twice . Barcelona is also under pressure . In the last two games , the front row they could be turned off by Osasuna and AC Milan . Two series of results after a series of victories , Tata Martino became a stumbling block . Moreover, Gerard Pique is doubtful or not .

El Clasico: Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo October 26 2013

Conversely , Real Madrid are in a state of delight . Sharpness Cristiano Ronaldo is the differentiating factor that makes Carlo Ancelotti's troops emerged from the crisis game . If in poor condition only the La Liga runners - up to win three points , especially when they have started under the unified command of Carlo Ancelotti .

Barcelona vs Real Madrid match is also a newcomer to the game two is Neymar vs Gareth Bale . Neymar shines and so far has been his role on the left side irreplaceable . While Gareth Bale who was injured , was declared ready to be a starter in his first El Clasico .

El Clasico: Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo October 26 2013Talk record of the meeting , after so many years the dominant , in the last five games against Madrid , Barcelona never win . In fact , three times tumbled . For the first time after all this time , the leaders began discouraged Barcelona ahead of El Clasico , as implied from the words shown Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol . Now what happens at Camp Nou ?

Estimates Lineups Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

Barcelona: Víctor Valdés (GK), Daniel Alves, Carles Puyol, Gerard Piqué, Adriano, Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Alexis Sánchez, Lionel Messi, Neymar.
Reserves: José Manuel Pinto (GK), Martín Montoya, Cesc Fàbregas, Pedro Rodríguez, Marc Bartra, Alex Song, Javier Mascherano

Real Madrid: Diego López (GK), Álvaro Arbeloa, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Luka Modrić, Sami Khedira, Isco, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ángel Di María.
Reserves: Iker Casillas (GK), Asier Illarramendi, Raphael Varane, Fabio Coentrao, Gareth Bale, Daniel Carvajal, Álvaro Morata.

Head to Head Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

8.29.2012 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-1
07/10/2012 Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2-2
1.30.2013 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1-1
02/27/2013 Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-3
02/03/2013 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-1
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List Of The Fastest Football Players

Madrid : Perhaps many thought that the footballer who has run the fastest are the duo Real Madrid star , Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale , but in fact , based on the results of the calculation are reported by Marca , Thursday ( 24/10/2013 ) , the only two attacking midfielders are in 4th position ( Ronaldo ) and 2nd ( Bale ) in the 10 fastest footballer .

Is a right-wing Manchester United , Antonio Valencia being the fastest . The 28 -year -old player had a record run 35.1 kilometers per hour . whereas occupied third place Tottenham Hotspur from England winger Aaron Lennon . 26-year -old player has a speed of 33.8 km / h .

List Of The Fastest Football Players

Here's a complete list of the world 's fastest footballer 1o .

1 . Antonio Valencia ( Manchester United) 35.1 km / h
2 . Gareth Bale ( Real Madrid ) 34.7 km / h
3 . Aaron Lennon ( Tottenham Hotspur ) 33.8 km / h
4 . Cristiano Ronaldo ( Real Madrid ) 33.6 km / h
5 . Theo Walcott ( Arsenal ) 32.7 km / h
6 . Lionel Messi ( Barcelona ) 32.5 km / h
7 . Wayne Rooney ( Manchester United) 31.2 km / h
8 . Franck Ribery ( Bayern Munich ) 30.7 km / h
9 . Arjen Robben ( Bayern Munich ) 30.4 km / h
10 . Alexis Sanchez ( Barcelona ) 30.1 km / h
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El Clasico: Carles Puyol ready to play against Real Madrid

Barcelona : Barcelona defender is Carles Puyol , says ready to play when the match against Real Madrid in a game titled 'El Clasico' at Camp Nou Stadium , Saturday, October 26, 2013 . Barcelona 's captain will feel one hundred percent prime condition ahead of the game. This is a game that does not want to be missed by all the players , including myself . Therefore , I will prepare carefully and wait for what will be the manager's decision , "said Carles Puyol told Marca on Thursday ( 10/24/2013 ) .

Puyol was sidelined for seven months due to a knee injury that required surgery in March . Curly -haired player was re-sod when a 0-0 draw with Osasuna last weekend . then, Puyol played 90 minutes without any complaints .

" What I need to do now is continue to practice and live it properly . Finally I'm happy to be back playing and my happiness would increase if deployed in El Clasico , " said Puyol .

Puyol is one of alumi Barcelona youth academy , La Masia . Players born in La Pobla de Segur , Spain began to strengthen the senior team of Barcelona since 1999 . Until now , Puyol has featured as many as 582 times in all competitions .

Barcelona is also under pressure . In the last two games , the front row they could be turned off by Osasuna and AC Milan . Two series of results after a series of victories , Tata Martino became a stumbling block . Moreover, Gerard Pique is doubtful or not .

Conversely , Real Madrid are in a state of delight . Sharpness Cristiano Ronaldo is the differentiating factor that makes Carlo Ancelotti's troops emerged from the crisis game . If in poor condition only the La Liga runners - up to win three points , especially when they have started under the unified command of Carlo Ancelotti .
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Barcelona vs Real Madrid 'El Clasico' October 26 2013

El Clasico: Lionel Messi and Neymar vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale 

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 'El Clasico' October 26 2013
Barcelona and Real Madrid have both undergone a crucial match in the Champions League Match day III . Now both of them were immediately focus on La Liga . Because the two Spanish giants will play in the game titled " El Clasico " this weekend . First game El Clasico 2013-2014 season will be held in Camp Nou , home to Barcelona , on Saturday, October 26, 2013 . This is the match of the two teams in the entire 225 official matches . The most anticipated party in Spain is present in the Jornada 10 La Liga Primera . This time the two giants , Barcelona and Real Madrid , in El Clasico of the season .

Ahead of El Clasico , Lionel Messi ( Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo ( Real Madrid ) as well as to show that their machines have been hot for a game weekend . Both scored in the Champions League . Lionel Messi scored once as Barcelona draw 1 -1 AC Milan , while Ronaldo scored twice as Real Madrid beat Juventus 2-1 .

El Clasico this time will also be more attractive because it is not just a gig Messi vs Ronaldo , Barcelona and Real Madrid considering each also had to get the top players in the transfer market last summer , which Neymar and Gareth Bale . Both players also can undoubtedly come down to play after appearing in the Champions League . Bale came on as a substitute in the second half , Neymar became a starter and withdrawn before the fight ended . Then be El Clasico between Barcelona vs Real Madrid with both dynamic individual : Lionel Messi and Neymar vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

Two of their expensive star , Neymar and Gareth Bale also stated was ready to undergo the prestigious game . Moreover, this is a first for both of El Clasico .

" El Clasico is most important match for all players . All players are eager to play the best game show in this match . This will be my first El Clasico and I hope that we can win , " said Neymar.

Similar statement also expressed Gareth Bale . Real Madrid players purchased from Tottenham Hotspur for a fee of 91 million euros it had boasted that he would win the El Clasico this first . This match will be an amazing experience , and the most important is that we try to win the game and won 3 points , but Bale still not sure if the game will be revealed later he coach Carlo Ancelotti or not . Given the current condition is still not 100 percent . I have up to this week and I 've been practicing well this week . So I thought I was pretty good and it's up to the manager whether I will lose from the start or from the bench , " said Bale .

The fact that Barcelona are now top the standings with 25 points and became the only team that has not lost, while Real Madrid is in third position with 22 points, adding to heat the atmosphere. Barcelona certainly want to maintain unbeaten record, while Madrid would like to give a first defeat for rival weight it once to remove the difference. Meanwhile Atletico Madrid, who is in second place with 24 points, ready to take advantage of El Clasico somehow take over the league leaders or simply cemented the position at this time. Of course the conditions are able to achieve positive results Atletico at home to Real Betis at the Vicente Calderon.
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Neymar and Gareth Bale Interview About El Clasico

Neymar and Gareth Bale Interview About El Clasico
Barcelona striker , Neymar da Silva , said the party can not wait to undergo his first El Clasico against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou on Saturday ( 26/10/2013 ) . He was hoping to perform optimally to achieve victory in the game . El clasico This will also be the first meeting between Madrid coach , Carlo Ancelotti , and the architect of Barcelona , Gerardo Martino . In addition to Neymar , for the first time , a number of new Madrid players , like Gareth Bale , Isco , Asier Illarramendi , and Daniel Carvajal , will feel the aroma of the game.

Here are excerpts of the interview Neymar about his first El Clasico at Camp Nou as reported on the club's official website .

Is this the first el clasico is a dream that coveted by all soccer players ?
Yes , El Clasico is an important game for each player . This is a game where every player wants to play . It also was a game that every player wants to show his best . It was my first el clasico and I hope to achieve victory .

Have you looked at this before el clasico ?
I remember el clasico in 2005 when Ronaldinho scored two goals . It was a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is the most I can remember .

El clasico party like nothing you've ever tasted in Brazil ?
There are many . Clasico against Palmeiras is my first party and I played pretty good . When the semi-finals and we play to win and I play my best . After that , against Corinthians , in the final where we ( Santos ) lost . Then , against Sao Paulo in the semi-final when we won and I'm very happy to score three goals .

What kind of party el clasico in Brazil ?
There were a lot of rivalry . Everything talked about the game all week . It was also the focus of the fans and media . In fact , players from the opposing team who is a close friend to make things interesting and joked about the game . That was a nice thing in football .

Did you talk with Marcelo ( Madrid defender ) about the game on Saturday ?
Yes , we talked a little about el clasico . We have a fantastic relationship and she is a good friend . but , I told him that Barcelona will win .

Is your peers tell what kind of game against Madrid ?
I think no need to explain . Every player , even players who never felt it , knew how important the match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid .

Neymar and Gareth Bale Interview About El Clasico

Gareth Bale The First Time El Clasico

Gareth Bale has recovered from injury and appeared as a substitute in the last two games that Real Madrid lived . Bale ready if played from the first minute in El Clasico this weekend . After recovering from a thigh injury , Bale revealed in the second round game against Malaga on Saturday ( 10/19/2013 ) then . Wales players from the back to get a chance as a substitute when Madrid beat Juventus 2-1 in the Champions League match at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday ( 24/10/2013 ) . On Saturday ( 10/26/2013 ) tomorrow , Madrid will undergo one of its biggest games of the season . Los Blancos will travel to Camp Nou to challenge the eternal rival , Barcelona .

Neymar and Gareth Bale Interview About El Clasico

For Bale , this is the first El Clasico Real Madrid since joining from Tottenham Hotspur last summer . Yes , I 'm sure it will be an amazing experience , " The most important thing is that we try to win the game and get the three points and I am looking forward to it , just like everyone else, " he added .

When asked whether he is good enough to play as a starter at the Camp Nou , Bale replied : " I'm not too sure . I get a few minutes this week and I also got a good workout , so I think I'm pretty good and now it's up to the manager if I play from the beginning or me on the bench , "said Bale told Sky Sports .
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