Cristiano Ronaldo The Destroyer Specialist Atletico Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo The Destroyer Specialist Atletico Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo is now incarnated as a specialist Real Madrid in bulk. He became a scoring machine for Los Blancos in important matches, including when dealing with Atletico Madrid. Well, if the Champions League final to be held on 25 May will again be proving how great CR7?

When it comes to Manchester United , Cristiano Ronaldo is often highlighted as a 'loser' in big-match action. Although often score against weaker teams, like CR7 helpless when he met with the elite teams. In fact, these events continued until the mid- third season at Real Madrid's Ronaldo, but with the passage of time, the Portuguese winger as if to prove that the label 'loser in big-match' does not apply to him. On the contrary, Real Madrid CR7 become a specialist in winning a trophy.

Look when he presented the first degree for Los Blancos. Beautiful header Cristiano Ronaldo has successfully made its knees Barcelona in the Copa del Rey 2010-2011 season. Do not forget the sensational goal in the Nou Camp in April 2012. Due to this, Real Madrid won 1-2 from Barcelona, and automatically becomes the champion of the Spanish league.

Ronaldo continued action in the Supercopa de Espana 2012. He scored two goals in two legs which makes Barcelona lost the aggressiveness affairs away goals despite a 4-4 aggregate equally strong. Unfortunately, since that time it failed to sustain the Real Madrid CR7. The end of the 2012-2013 season, they lost the Copa del Rey from the next door neighbors Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo scored in the game, but his team lost 1-2.

Now the same opponent will be faced again by Rael Madrid. Total, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 12 goals in 13 games against Atletico Madrid. He became a key Los Blancos are not lost in the last two Madrid Derby, scoring three goals . Champions League final next May 25 will be the proving ground, whether customs Ronaldo scored a goal against Atletico continued, or even vice versa.
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Barcelona the best team of fair play La Liga 2013-2014

Barcelona the best team of fair play La Liga 2013-2014

Barcelona officially hold the title of best team of fair play in the Spanish La Liga 2013-2014 . They get a point at least , 79 figures . Interestingly , the Barcelona youth team , Barcelona B , also obtained a similar thing in the Segunda Division, although the competition is not over . In the calculation of the fair play team , the number of points is accumulated yellow cards and red cards . The fewer numbers obtained , the higher the ranking clubs . Barcelona this season is only getting 71 yellow cards and one red card .

The second rank was occupied by Real Sociedad . Anoeta teams only get 83 points or four points more than the Blaugrana . In the third place there is Athletic Bilbao ( 85 points ) . Interestingly , the champion Atletico Madrid instead scattered in the middle of the board . They get 108 points and sits in eighth place . That is , in terms of fair play , Atletico Madrid still lost even with Real Madrid is in fourth place ( 86 points ) .

Even more unique , not just the first team Barcelona are superior in matters of fair play . Barcelona B team too. Until the 39th week of the 42 week Segunda Division , they are top with 82 points. Given the huge difference in rank two , Girona ( 102 ) could be said of two Barcelona will both hold the title of best team of fair play in the Primera and Segunda Division .

Reports Relating to The Fair Play Team Primera Division

1. FC Barcelona 79
2. Real Sociedad 83
3. Athletic Club 85
4. Real Madrid 86
5. Celta 91
6. Villarrreal 104
7. Valladolid 105
8. At. Madrid 108
9. Valencia 120
9. Almería 120
9. Osasuna 120
9. Espanyol 120
13. Granada 126
14. Rayo Vallecano 131
15. Levante 135
16. Elche 136
17. Betis 137
18. Getafe 143
19. Sevilla 146
20. Málaga 161

Reports Relating to The Fair Play Team Segunda Division

1. FC Barcelona B 82
2. Girona 102
3. Lugo 104
4. Real Jaén 106
5. Numancia 107
6. Alavés 115
7. Tenerife 116
8. Sabadell 120
9. Mirandés 123
10. Deportivo 124
11. Mallorca 128 12. Real Madrid-Castilla 130
13. Zaragoza 131
14. Córdoba 134
15. Eibar 137
15. Hércules 137
15. Las Palmas 137
18. Ponferradina 142
19. Murcia 143
20. Recreativo 155
21. Sporting 157
22. Alcorcón 165
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Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich DFB Pokal final

Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich DFB Pokal final

The match between Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich DFB Pokal final will be held on Sunday, May 17, 2014 at the Olympiastadion , Berlin . Der Klasikker battle this time will focus on Robert Lewandowski , Dortmund attacker who wants to title for the club , but must be met Bayern Munich , the club next season . The attacker Poland itself does not care about the bitter fate that became the cover of his career in Dortmund . He said , " Right now , I do not care about the new club ( Bayern ) . I would like to dedicate achievement for Dortmund , especially with a trophy in hand . "

Robert Lewandowski does have special memories in the DFB Pokal final . Two years ago , he helped Dortmund beat Bayern Munich 5-2 landslide victim dengans he also scored a hat trick . Now , greetings introductions with his new partner may also be achieved in that way .

BVB been stabbed by a landslide score 0-3 Bayern in Champions Germany on 12 April. They also only lost once in the last 12 games . This clearly contrasts with Pep Guardiola's team .

They fell three times in the final eight games . However , the two teams both went to the finals with a promising state . Suttgart smothered Munich 1-0 in the last match of the domestic competition , while Dortmund crush Hertha Berlin , keeper of the final stadium this time with four goals without reply .

Talk absent players , Thiago Alcantara not will go lineups Bayern Munich. Bastian Schweinsteiger was injured last week is also doubtful . Meanwhile , Marco Reus is having problems , is now ready for combat .

Individual strength is above Bayern BVB , but this time it is needed morale . This is closer to Dortmund than his rivals . Are Munich will close the season with bitterness ?

Head to Head Dortmund vs Bayern Munich :

05.05.2013 Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 1-1
05.26.2013 Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 1-2
07.28.2013 Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 4-2
24.11.2013 Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 0-3
12.04.2014 Bayern Munich vs Dortmund 0-3

Estimated Lineup Dortmund vs Bayern Munich :

Bayern Munich ( 4-2-3-1 ) : Neuer - Lahm , J. Boateng , Dante , Alaba - Martinez , T. Kroos - Robben , M. Götze , Ribery - Mandzukic .

Borussia Dortmund ( 4-2-3-1 ) : Weidenfeller - Piszczek , Sokratis , Hummels , Grosskreutz - Sahin , Kehl - Reus , Aubameyang , Mkhitaryan - Lewandowski
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Diego Costa is ready to play against Barcelona

Diego Costa is ready to play against Barcelona

Diego Costa is ready to play against Barcelona in the match determination on 17 May in the first minute . So that was delivered by Diego Simeone , Atletico Madrid coach who believes Barcelona will be very serious in this game . Speaking at a press conference on Friday ( 16/5 ) , Diego Simeone said , " Diego Costa fit . He will play from the beginning . " It definitely calms ATM which is highly dependent on the Brazilian -born striker to face Barcelona fortress .

As ever, El Cholo also do not want to talk about the Champions League final first. The focus is Camp Nou . According to the Argentine coach , " No one is thinking about the Champions League final at Atletico . We live in the present , and just focus on the game tomorrow .

Barcelona assessed many people do not deserve to be champions . They too often slip and aided by the results of other teams , but Diego Simeone dismiss this case . After all , Barca is one of the best teams in the Spanish league .

" It's not a matter worthy champion or not , but managed to become a champion or not . I suspect Barcelona will look amazing . We anticipate the most severe battles on record our meeting with them later . "

Atletico Madrid Spanish champions threatened to fail . If they lose , Barca will excel in head to head , but Diego Simeone mentioned the achievements of his team has a maximum and very realistic .

I never dreamed we would be six points clear of Barca or Real Madrid in seven of the last Jornada . The current situation according to what we had expected . Both of these teams will never stop competing until the end . They are always there at the highest level , "said El Cholo .
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Cristiano Ronaldo targets Pichichi and the European Golden Shoe

Cristiano Ronaldo targets Pichichi and the European Golden Shoe

Cristiano Ronaldo will still be played in the match Real Madrid vs Espanyol La Liga Spain May 17, 2014 . There is no other purpose , CR7 concerned to secure the two degrees, namely the Pichichi ( Spanish league top scorers ) and the European Golden Shoe . Scored at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday ( 17/5 ) will realize this dream bomber Portugal .

Today, with a notch 31 goals , Cristiano Ronaldo can not be pursued anyone in La Liga . The closest competitor is only Lionel Messi ( 28 goals ) and Diego Costa ( 27 goals ) . And the convergence of Barca and Atletico in La Liga last weekend , it seems impossible to see King Leo scored four goals or breaking goalkeeper Jose Pinto Costa five times .

That is, unless a miracle happens , chances CR7 Pichichi title almost absolute . However , another when talking with the European Golden Shoe . Notch 31 goals Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the same as Luis Suarez in the Premier League . Both perform equally well in the elite European leagues so that their coefficients are multiplied by two.

If Cristiano Ronaldo did not score in the final game , then he will share the trophy with Suarez . This is not a new thing in the history of the European Golden Boot . In 1990 , Hugo Sanchez and Hristo Stoichkov equally get the trophy with a score of 38 goals . Similarly, in 2005 when Thierry Henry and Diego Forlan pack 25 goals .

Whatever it is , now Cristiano Ronaldo is awaiting the European Golden Shoe trophy three. CR7 has once got on Manchester United in the season 2007/2008 , and then repeat the same thing at Real Madrid in the 2010/2011 season .
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Real Madrid vs Espanyol Spanish La Liga

Real Madrid vs Espanyol Spanish La Liga
The match between Real Madrid vs Espanyol Spanish La Liga in week 38 will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 . Cristiano Ronaldo should win the duel against Javier Aguirre's team hoping Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona in order to finish in second place at the end of the Spanish league standings . At present , by collecting 84 points , Carlo Ancelotti's team is already not likely to be Spanish champions , but they can still urged as runner - up if Barcelona lost to the ATM . Thus , Los Blancos will get a total of 87 points, while Barcelona remain 86 points . If Madrid and Barcelona obtain the same final value , the loss in the Santiago Bernabeu since losing head to head .

Real Madrid face Espanyol three times already this season , and all of them passed with a victory , but the Catalans always provide fierce resistance . Moreover, a lot of characters like Celta Vigo Espanyol and Atletico , the two most successful teams make Los Blancos suffered .

In the game this time , Carlo Ancelotti is still troubled by a series cederanay players . Pepe , Angel Di Maria , Dani Carvajal still have to run against time to recover , however , Alvaro Arbeloa and Sami Khedira long injury is fit and can be played for the sake of strategy in the upcoming Champions League final .

Espanyol suffered an eight-game winless streak . This occurs because the Cornella El - Prat camp is no longer interested in the Spanish league . Warranty survive in the Primera Division has been established , but the face of Real Madrid in a match full of prestige is certainly another .

While the Los Blancos failed to win the final three games . Their appearance after beating Bayern Munich 0-4 dropped dramatically , but this time it will be a very great shame if Madrid still failed to win at the Santiago Bernabeu . Three points most likely belong to the host despite a thin score will be created .

Head to Head Real Madrid vs Espanyol :

16.12.2012 Real Madrid vs Espanyol 2-2
11/05/2013 Espanyol vs Real Madrid 1-1
13/01/2014 Espanyol vs Real Madrid 0-1
01/22/2014 Espanyol vs Real Madrid 0-1
29.01.2014 Real Madrid vs Espanyol 1-0

Estimated Lineup Real Madrid vs Espanyol :

Real Madrid ( 4-3-3 ) : 1 - Casillas ; 17 - Arbeloa , 18 - Nacho , 2 - Varane , 12 - Marcelo ; 6 - Khedira , 14 - Xabi Alonso , 23 - Isco ; 11 - Bale , 21 - Morata , 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo .

Espanyol ( 4-2-3-1 ) : 13 - Casilla ; Javi López - 16 ,19 - Colotto , 15 - Moreno , 18 - Fuentes , 14 - David López , Víctor Sánchez - 4 ; 8 - Stuani , 10 - Pizzi , 20 - Simao ; 9 - Sergio García
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Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid La Liga Spain 2014

The match between Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in the last week or Jornada 38 La Liga Spain will take place on Saturday, May 17 2014. Barceloa must win if they want to be champions and superior head to head . In contrast , Atletico Madrid only needed a draw to force Barcelona finished runners - up . Competition Spanish La Liga this season resulted in a match peak is very decisive . Atletico Madrid who collected 89 points does not necessarily end the drought suffered by the La Liga title since 1996 . If they fail in this game , not the effect may not propagate to the Champions League final when Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid next May 25 .

Advantage remains on the guest . They have an unbeaten record of Barcelona in five meetings this season . Four matches ended in a draw . Finally, a single goal Koke miserable Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final . Barcelona is a super front lines made ​​powerless by the robustness of Atletico Madrid midfielder .

In addition , Diego Simeone's team is also in excellent condition. All the players they can be displayed in the Camp Nou . Only , Atletico Madrid needs to improve luck . In the last two games , they could only score one goal . Front line was having problems .

Barcelona in a worse situation . Neymar is still waiting for the green light . Despite Gerard Pique could make a Jordi Alba is not necessarily the case . They also still not reinforced two captain , Carles Puyol and Victor Valdes . In terms of appearance , Barcelona was hit by the ' poverty of creativity ' .

The most anticipated fight is a duel Lionel Messi vs Diego Costa . Both are chasing at the top of the Spanish league top scorers under Cristiano Ronaldo . Scored the winner will certainly raise morale for the two players who will be key to their respective countries in the 2014 World Cup .

Head to Head Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid :

August 22, 2013 Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona 1-1
August 29, 2013 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 0-0
January 12, 2014 Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona 0-0
3 April 2014 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 1-1
10 April 2014 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 0-1

Estimated Lineup Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid :

Barcelona ( 4-3-3 ) : 13 - Pinto ; 22 - Daniel Alves , 15 - Bartra , 14 - Mascherano , 18 - Alba , 6 - Xavi , 16 - Busquets , 8 - Iniesta , 9 - Alexis , 10 - Messi , 7 - Pedro .

Atletico Madrid ( 4-2-3-1 ) : 13 - Courtois ; 20 - Juanfran , 23 - Miranda , Diego Godin - 2 , 3 - Filipe Luis , 14 - Gabi , Tiago - 5 , 6 - Koke , 8 - Raúl García , 10 - Turan , 19 - Diego Costa
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Brazil Players List For The 2014 World Cup

Brazil Players List For The 2014 World Cup

Brazilian coach , Luiz Felipe Scolari , has officially announced 23 names players who will be brought to the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil , the State itself . Of the 23 names that he called , the players like Neymar , Oscar , Hulk , or Thiago Silva is still the mainstay . Indeed, there are few surprises in the 23 names called Scolari . One is Henrique . Napoli defender was a surprise in the squad despite not get much playing time in the team of Rafael Benitez .

Another surprise from Scolari is not calling names began to shine again this season . Call it like Kaka , Lucas Leiva , Philippe Coutinho , Lucas Moura , Filipe Luis , and Joao Miranda of Atletico Madrid . Meanwhile , Scolari decided to keep calling Oscar . Chelsea midfielder these days rarely get the confidence of Jose Mourinho was still reliable Scolari in the World Cup 2014 .

" Yes , it's ( Oscar in Chelsea's situation ) does not affect me . Oscar is one of the best players in the world that we have, it's up to the coach what else would comment about Oscar . He might have a bit of a physical problem , but we sure can handle it . I have no doubt the players like Oscar , Paulinho , or Marcelo , "said Scolari .

One other thing that is of public concern is the experience factor . Indeed , of the 23 names currently there are only six have ever felt before the World Cup stage as Julio Cesar , Maicon , Daniel Alves , Thiago Silva , Ramires , and Fred . "The squad we had in 2002 is more experienced , but players now also been proven experience as they play in the best European leagues and the Champions League . I'm sure they could make a difference later on . "

Here are the 23 names of players who will play Brazil in the 2014 World Cup :

Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar ( Toronto FC ) , Jefferson ( Botafogo ) , Victor ( Atletico Mineiro )

Defenders: Daniel Alves ( Barcelona ) , Maicon ( AS Roma ) , David Luiz ( Chelsea ) , Thiago Silva ( PSG ) , Dante ( Bayern Munich ) , Marcelo ( Real Madrid ) , Henrique ( Napoli ) , Maxwell ( PSG )

Midfielder : Oscar ( Chelsea ) , Fernandinho ( Manchester City ) , Willian ( Chelsea ) , Paulinho ( Tottenham Hotspur ) , Ramires ( Chelsea ) , Luiz Gustavo ( Wolfsburg ) , Hernanes ( Inter Milan )

Attacker : Bernard ( Shakhtar Donetsk ) , Neymar ( Barcelona ) , Fred ( Fluminense ) , Hulk ( Zenit St Petersburg ) , Jo ( Atletico Mineiro )
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Bjorn Kuipers Referee Madrid Derby Champions League Final

Nyon: Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers was selected as a referee the Champions League final between Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid at the Estadio da Luz, Lisbon, May 24, 2014. This is the third time the 41-year-old referee led the final match. Previously, Kuipers refereed the final of the 2013 Confederations Cup Brazil vs Spain that brings. After that, Kuipers led last season's Europa League final between Chelsea vs Benfica. According to the assessment of European football federation (UEFA), Kuipers performance in the final two games are fairly good.

"Kuipers will take over the 2013-14 Champions League final between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid in Lisbon on Saturday, May 24, 2014," read a statement on UEFA's official website. Kuipers was awarded the FIFA badge referee in 2006. So far, he has been overseeing 68 matches in the UEFA competition, including four in the Champions League this season and three in the Europa League.

Kuipers also led the 2011 Super Cup between Barcelona vs FC Porto at the Stade Louis II, Monaco. By leading this season's Champions League final, the referee Kuipers from the Netherlands who led the final four games in European competition, after Leo Horn (1957), 1962), Charles Corver (1978) and Dick Jol (2001).

"In Lisbon, Kuipers will be assisted by fellow countryman and Erwin Sander van Roekel Zeinstra. FOURTH OFFICIAL be filled referee Cuneyt Cakir from Turkey and two additional assistant referee Pol van Boekel and Richard Liesveld, who is also from the Netherlands. While backup referee also derived from Netherlands, namely Angelo Boonman, "said UEFA.

Previously, Kuipers once a match referee acted Real Madrid, which is against CSKA Moscow in the first leg round of 16 Champions League 2011-2012 season. At that time the match took place at CSKA, Luzhniki Stadium and the score ended 1-1.
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Cristiano Ronaldo still lost than Luis Figo

Cristiano Ronaldo still lost than Luis Figo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer the world today comes from Portugal, but according to former Seleccao striker, Nuno Gomes, he is still less intelligent than Luis Figo the key of Portugal at the end of the 1990s until the 2000s. Nuno Gomes is itself a living witness greatness Luis Figo in the field. He participated in the success of the golden generation of Portuguese penetrate the semi-finals of Euro 2000 where Figo a very important role. Therefore, according to the Benfica legend, there is a big difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. CR7 is superior in terms of physical strength, but it turns out affair lover Irina Shayk intelligence still less than Figo.

Speaking to UEFA, Nuno Gomes said, " Figo when he was a career is the best. Similarly, what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo today. Figo is smarter, but Cristiano is superior in strength. In recent years, CR7 goal record is quite remarkable. Finally, this season led exchange top scorers in the Spanish league and the Champions League. In domestic competition, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 31 goals, while in Europe 16 goals.

According to Nuno Gomes, " Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo scored more goals than Figo. Because, not only Cristiano Ronaldo plays as a winger, but also attackers. Instead, Figo is a pure winger. Uniquely Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo share a similar fate . Both play for Real Madrid in the peak of his career. The man who called first, appear to camp Santiago Bernabeu in 2000 to 2005.
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Real Madrid ask for help Barcelona to beat Atletico

Real Madrid ask for help Barcelona to beat Atletico

Real Madrid , through coach Carlo Ancelotti , believes that Barcelona will not flirt with Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League last weekend , Jornada 38 next . In addition , Los Blancos will maximize the game against Real Valladolid in midweek to move up to second place standings Spain La Liga and overtake Barcelona .

It had appeared that the issue would Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou in the second match . If this happens , although Real Madrid win though , they will not be able to become a champion . The record head to head Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid won the stronghold Vicente Calderon .

Carlo Ancelotti insists , " will appear wholeheartedly Barcelona against Atletico Madrid . In all competitions , the last match will be carried out simultaneously . I think so too that occurred in the Spanish league ( thus there may be flirting because Real Madrid can slip ) . "

Thus , indirectly , Madrid expect ' help ' to be able Barcelona to conquer Atletico Madrid . The Catalan club itself is not likely winner if Real Madrid win in the last game , while they also won from Rojiblancos . Another story if Madrid lost to Espanyol in the final match .

Don Carlo is also deeply focused on the game against Real Valladolid this mid week . According to him , the stronghold Jose Zorilla can not be underestimated . " It's like a trophy finals . This match is very crucial for each team . It will not be easy to win against a team that is struggling to save themselves from relegation . "

Before the match Real Madrid against Celta Vigo at the weekend , there was a special meeting between Andoni Zubizarreta and Luis Enrique , but Carlo Ancelotti is not prejudiced . According to him , this does not mean Barcelona Celta bribe to win from Los Blancos . " It's not related . In essence , we have to win all the remaining games . If we lose against Valladolid , means that Real Madrid had no chance of becoming a champion . At the time against Valencia , we ran out of energy , but I think it will not happen again . "
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Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid La Liga Spain

Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid La Liga Spain
The match between Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid in La Liga Spain on Thursday, May 7, 2014 . If you do not want to dream treble winner missing , Cristiano Ronaldo and  friends must win match at the Jose Zorilla 's important . A win would make them rise to the rank of second in the Spanish La Liga standings. With 83 figures compiled in 35 games , Real Madrid still has a chance to win. They have to win all the games , hoping in the last match Atletico Madrid lost to Barcelona . Thus , 92 figures they collect will not be able to pursue anyone.

Target is exactly what Real Madrid when they away to Real Valladolid headquarters , however , the host akam not deliver a victory for granted. They are still ranked 19 . Wins from Real Madrid will make the team of Jose Zorilla jumped to 15th position and is more comfortable avoiding relegation . Valladolid also just won 1-0 at Espanyol last Sunday . This team has ever beat giants Barcelona by the same score . That is , Real Madrid just can not calm . Moreover, typically , the result will be bad in a game transmitted on the appearance of the Los Blancos in the next game .

Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid La Liga Spain

Real Madrid was the first team in the Spanish league this season who could score 100 goals . Their quality versus away with Valladolid on all fronts . Mr. Bernie also sterile in three of the last five official matches . Supposedly Madrid will pick three numbers easily , but does not that also which should be experienced against Valencia ?

Head to Head Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid :

10/17/2009 Real Madrid vs Valladolid 4-2
03/14/2010 Valladolid vs Real Madrid 1-4
12/08/2012 Valladolid vs Real Madrid 2-3
05/04/2013 Real Madrid vs Valladolid 4-3
12/01/2013 Real Madrid vs Valladolid 4-0

Estimated Lineup Real Valladolid vs Real Madrid :

Real Valladolid ( 4-2-3-1 ) : 1 - Jaime ; 2 - Rukavina , 4 - Valiente , 15 - Mitrovic , 17 - Peña ; 18 - Álvaro Rubio , 22 - Victor ; 11 - Daniel Larsson , 10 - Óscar González , 7 - Osorio ; 9 - Javi Guerra

Real Madrid ( 4-3-3 ) : 1 - Casillas ; 15 - Carvajal , 3 - Pepe , 4 - Sergio Ramos , 5 - Coentrao ; 19 - Modric , 14 - Xabi Alonso . 22 - Di María ; 11 - Bale , 9 - Benzema , 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo.

Prediction : 40-60
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Barcelona will succumbing to Atletico so Real Madrid not champion?

Barcelona will succumbing to Atletico so Real Madrid not champion?

Barcelona are expected to succumb to Atletico Madrid in the final later in order to thwart the ambitions Real Madrid to win the Spanish league . However , Atletico Madrid president , Enrique Cerezo reject that possibility . Barcelona will keep him completely . Currently , Barcelona are not favorable position . They are three points behind Atletico Madrid . Even if they win in jornada 38 , Barcelona were going through Atletico Madrid in the standings . However , Atletico Madrid within two points of Real Madrid could be a champion with a win at the last party .

There are allegations , rather than give up Real Madrid to win , camp Camp Nou will play Atletico eye . Barcelona draw at headquarters will be enough to make Atleti become champions ; with a note on the Jornada 37 will be no change in the standings . On this subject Enrique Cerezo said , " There have been comments that if Barca can not win the league again , maybe they will play without full power . "

If they are not playing for anything , what do you expect ? Kill themselves ? Taking the risk of injury to their players ? Playing open so they can go home from the last game with an injury condition ?

Comments that appear skewed , Enrique Cerezo believes Barcelona will wear in ways like that. He said , " All my life, I have never seen a team perform to lose . I also have never seen a club to buy players or managers to think pessimistic ahead of a match . " Well, will the full Barcelona struggled to subvert the Atletico Madrid ? Or they will play fellow eye with the club for the sake of blocking rivals Real Madrid title for Los Blancos ?
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Holland Squad For The 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Holland Squad For The 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Dutch national team have already begun early hours of preparation ahead of the 2014 World Cup which begins June 12 . Coach Louis van Gaal has announced 20 names are included in the initial squad for training earlier this month . Of the 20 players , there is not a lot of major brands . Understandably , Van Gaal simply call out the names of players who play in the Dutch league only.

While the names of players such as Robin van Persie , Arjen Robben , Klaas Jan Huntelaar and the others follow the selection will be joined towards the end of the month. After a period of training for 10 days , the player the player will be involved in a trial match against Ecuador in the Amsterdam ArenA on 17 May.

Afterwards , Van Gaal will choose another 30 players that will be included in the training in Portugal which began on July 20 and lasted for over a week . Then , the squad will be selected again in the second test match against Ghana in Rotterdam on May 31.

Finally, Van Gaal will announce the official list of 23 names that went to Brazil . They also still have to undergo one more test match against Wales in Amsterdam on June 4 .

Here are 20 first name that comes into the Dutch squad for the 2014 World Cup :

Goalkeeper : Jasper Cillessen ( Ajax Amsterdam ) , Kenneth Vermeer ( Ajax Amsterdam ) , Jeroen Zoet ( PSV Eindhoven )

Defender : Daley Blind ( Ajax Amsterdam ) , Joel Veltman ( Ajax Amsterdam ) , Karim Rekik ( PSV Eindhoven ) , Stefan de Vrij ( Feyenoord ) , Daryl Janmaat ( Feyenoord ) , Terence Kongolo ( Feyenoord ) , Bruno Martins Indi ( Feyenoord )

Midfielder : Jordi Clasie ( Feyenoord ) , Davy Klaassen ( Ajax Amsterdam ) , Tonny Vilhena ( Feyenoord ) , Georginio Wijnaldum ( PSV Eindhoven )

Striker : Jean - Paul Boetius ( Feyenoord ) , Luc Castaignos ( Twente ) , Memphis Depay ( PSV Eindhoven ) , Jurgen Locadia ( PSV Eindhoven ) , Luciano Narsingh ( PSV Eindhoven ) , Quincy Promes ( Twente )
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Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Champions League Final 2014

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Champions League Final 2014
Schedule match of Champions League final between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid will take place at the Estadio da Luz on Sunday, May 24, 2014 . Los Blancos who has Cristiano Ronaldo will be aiming for the top scorers title La Decima . Meanwhile , Diego Simeone's team tried to disperse the final bad memory 1974. Certainty of occurrence after the results of the second leg of the Champions League semi-final which took place on Wednesday -Thursday, April 30-May 1 , 2014. Between the two finalists , may be said Real Madrid are more favored .

Not just because they 've scored 35 goals . Not because of the extent of the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo - Gareth Bale . But also the success of the Los Blancos to silence the defending champions Bayern Munich with a 5-0 aggregate . Wednesday , Madrid damage Allianz Arena by a score of 0-4 . In contrast to Real Madrid , Atletico terms of sharpness does not amazing Los Blancos , but the team is still feasible through the final . Do not forget that the ATM has never been defeated in Europe this season . They recorded nine wins and only three draws .

If talking finals , Real Madrid clearly more powerful . They have penetrated the top of the party Champions League in 12 chance . Remarkably , nine of which ended with the champion , including the last three editions that they played finals ( 1998, 2000 , and 2002 ) .

In contrast to Atletico Madrid . The only thing they live Champions League final in 1974 , but they lost to Bayern Munich in a repeat of the party with the score 4-0 after a 1-1 draw .

Real Madrid won the more likely La Decima (10th title in the Champions League) after roll Bayern Munich with a 5-0 aggregate. Now Los Blancos had reached the final after 12 years of waiting. It has been too long waiting for Real Madrid Champions League tenth entry in their trophy cabinet. Over the last decade, the Los Blancos was less bright in Europe terelite the competition. They are often easily defeated a weak team. Fortunes changed in the last three seasons. Jose Mourinho Together they penetrate the semi-finals three times, however, only this time they finally penetrate the top of the party.

Record of 35 goals in 12 matches in the Champions League are also increasingly self-adhesive nail deep Real Madrid. If the final 12 years ago they were a success, so now Los Blancos are also favored to win La Decima.
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